New Congestion Charges for 2021

Clean air zones were being planned for many major cities throughout the UK. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, funding has been scrapped and certain cities like Leeds are looking more likely to not implement the clean air zone in the foreseeable future.

All of our vans are of the required standard to enter these zones free of charge. This means there should be no extra cost to our customers and we can help keep the planet healthy.

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Birmingham clean air zone

Birmingham Clean Air Zone

From 1st June 2021, You might need to pay to drive in a clean air zone if your vehicle does not meet emissions standards. You can check whether your vehicle is exempt by entering your VRM (Vehicle Registration Number) on the Government website

Check Your Vehicle

All Cars, Taxis, Private hire & LGVs will be charged £8.00 per day if the vehicle doesn't meet the emissions standard. HGVs, coaches & buses are charged £50 per day. To avoid the charges your vehicle must meet the minimum below

Diesel – Euro 6 (VI) standard or better (most new registrations after 1 September 2015)

Petrol or LPG added to original petrol engine – Euro 4 standard or better (most new registrations after 1 January 2006)

Gas – Euro 6 (VI) standard or better

Fully electric or hydrogen fuel cell – all are compliant and avoid CAZ charges

Hybrid electric – the diesel/petrol engine must meet the relevant criteria above

Motorcycles – Euro 3 (III) standard or better

Bath Clean Air Zone

Bath has a Class C Clean Air Zone in force. Class C is for the following vehicles:- Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, vans and minibuses. The clean air zone in Bath currently doesn't affect standard passenger cars.

Check Your Vehicle

The following Daily Charges for the Bath Clean Air Zone are as follows:-

Private Cars – No Charge

Motorcycles – No Charge

Coaches & Buses – £100

Trucks & Lorries – £100

Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles – £9.00

Minibuses – £9.00

Vans, LGV's, Pick-Ups & Campervans – If vehicle is Diesel Euro 1-5 or Petrol Euro 1-3 or Earlier - £9.00

Private HGVs (Motorhomes, Horseboxes etc) – If the vehicle is Diesel Euro 1-5 or Petrol Euro 1-3 or Earlier - £100

Bath clean air zone

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